What am I doing in Salomon School?

24 maja 2017

What i do at Salomon School

I came here in Zielona Góra just one month and an half ago, and at the beginning I wasn’t sure about what i was supposed to do in Solomon School. In my country, Italy, I used to be an Italian, History and Geography teacher, but here the things are different because I don’t speak polish (yet!).

So, in my first week, I just started taking care of the kids, playing with them and trying to communicate the best I could. Then I started drawing, like I always do when I’m sitting somewhere with not much to do, and in five minutes I found myself surrounded by kids! Then it was clear: I would have been a drawing teacher!

Thanks to Pani Bandurowska and to the Directors of Solomon School, that allowed me to set a proper plan and to use a classroom for my lessons, I started to teach the kids about drawing: how to think before putting the pencil on the paper, how to understand the shapes of an object before drawing it and, most important thing, how to have fun while drawing.

Now I’ve got regularly my lessons twice a week, and I draw with the kids every time it’s possible. I’ve already seen some improvements from the kids, and during my classes they’re not just disciplined and obedient, they’re really productive, interested, excited and they actually want to learn more and to have fun drawing. Sometimes I’m amazed by their creativity and I’m really proud of them, because I can see how much effort they put in drawing even if my classes are not mandatory.

So what can I say more? I’m really happy about my job here and about the kids, and I can tell that they are happy too with my lessons, so it’s perfect!