My arrival to Poland

25 maja 2017

When I arrived to Poland, I had been before in Krakow with some friends of mine travelling by train. I liked it.  But I did not choose Poland for this reason, I just wanted a project with children and that why I apply to Salomon School.  But I thing Polish people are similar to Spanish people.  The weather was colder, and I had to buy a proper coat to cover all of myself. I remember I was living in Paulina’s house two weeks, and we had to use translator sometimes to communicate each other and it was funny.  Later Magda came to Paulina’s House and she gave me sheets and a cake for me  to make me feel welcome. The next day  on Sunday Gosia (English teacher) and Paulina show me the way to the school but any way on Monday I was confuse about the bus stop.  I could not speak any polish and sometimes when I went to shop I made mistakes , like buying chicken instead chips.  That week Gosia introduced me a group of people who meet every Thursday  speaking English in Zielona Gora, and there was Spanish people as well. So it would be easier for me integrate me in this city.

In the school  at the beginning, I did not understand anything into Polish, so Gosia was translating everything. We made a Plan with the two Gosia.  And they told me to spend the time with Maya downstairs, and with Gosia  (coordinator).

After two weeks I went to Warsaw to do a training with other volunteers in Poland.  I spend one week there  and it was so funny. One day a group of  polish dancing theater acted for us, I really enjoy this experience. We did many activities about the polish culture, about language, and games also.  These volunteers were from different countries like Denmark, Turkey, Finland, Moldova, Italy, Spain, France,etc.  I also enjoy Polish food there, because at home I usually cook my own food, but the timetable for me was very different. The breakfast it is ok, the lunch as well but the dinner is too early for me at 18:00.

When I come back to Zielona, Mariusz picked up me in the train station and he  took me to my new house.  I was alone the first week and the next Lucas arrived but I was ill in this moment and I could not move from the bed.  He bring me some pills, and on Monday he will go to Warsaw for the same training.

I Knowed Kasia (My Polish teacher) a week before and I started my Polish lessons with her.

Until here an introduction of my arrival, to be continued..