Last day of the school year

1 lipca 2017

June 23 was the last day of the school year in Salomon School. It happened during the Friday morning, and I was not expecting so many people, but when I arrived at the school I could see that all parents were there, even it was a business day. Some of them left their jobs for a while to be there. It is interesting to see how engaged are the parents in the education.

In an organized ceremony, the director started to call the students per class to give their diplomas.

The students received their diplomas from the teachers and at the same time, they gave flowers to them. This gesture is not just at this moment, but at the end of the ceremony, the students had kept giving flowers and some gifts for the other teachers. It is a respectful gesture!

During the ceremony, the younger children have made a presentation with a gospel song.

As a part of the ceremony, the best students received a prize for their behavior during the school year.

And we received a prize as a teacher assistant. The plate is written: „Tam skarb twój gdzie serce twoje.” It is a biblical sentence of Mattew 6,21 and the meaning is: „Your treasure is where your heart is.” We received this prize with a lot of applauses from the children, parents, and teachers. I confess that I almost cried at the moment, I am so grateful for the Polish hospitality!

As a teacher assistant, we needed to give our prizes also. We are so grateful for all children, but in special for the translators that helped us all the moment: Ifer, Kimi and Elijah.

At the end of the ceremony, the students came to their classes with teachers and their parents, and as all the Polish events, they started to eat some sweeties and other foods. I love this tradition!

In this school year of Salomon School we learned a lot from all the children, teachers, and parents. Dziękuje za wszystko!



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