Democratic School in Wroclaw

22 lipca 2017

In June I had an opportunity to visit a Democratic School in Wroclaw with my friend from EVS volunteering.

The school has about 12 students and it is open since last September. The forecasting for the next year is about 20 students.
The structure of the school is really new, there is a big kitchen, gymnasium, yard, big room to play with toys, drawing room and a different classroom, where the students are sitting on sofas rather than chairs.
The method of the democratic school is not based on subjects but on themes, which the students can choose. For example, the teacher asked them to choose 8 themes for the next year, and they pick „Pirates” as one of them. So, the Geographic teacher has to make his Geography classes linked with „Pirates”. The Math teacher has to do the same, and so on.
In this picture, there are 8 subjects chosen by the students and the teachers started to plan their classes for the next year. The length depends on the themes, but it can be about 3 weeks or even 3 months for each one. It is a challenge not just for the students, but also for the teachers.
The method is new, and some schools in Finland and Norway are doing almost the same. We do not know if this method will be successful but the teachers from this school could say that the students get more involved in the learning process.

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