Brazilian Indians

8 lipca 2017

About 500 years ago Pedro Alvares Cabral with his sailors from Portugal arrived in Brazil. There were some habitants in our rich forest: the Indians.

They’re called „Indians” because when Cristovao Colombo discovered America, he tought he landed on India, so he baptized the people who lived there „Indians”.

We respect the Indians in Brazil, they have legal protection from the government, and there are reserves for them. Actually, there are about 800.000 Indians in Brazil, It is about 1% of the population, and 12% of Brazil territory is assigned to them. Most part of the reserves is in Amazon state. Take a look to the map.

About 10.000 Indians live completely isolated, without any contact with the cities.

The Indians taught us a lot of things, for example, the typical tea „Mate”, from the tribe Guarani in the south of Brazil. It is a drink from a plant called „Erva-Mate”.

Some of the advantages of this tea:

-Vitamins – A, B1, B2, C e E;



Another thing they taught us is how to take care of our nature and how to share things. They depend on the nature to survive. For example, if they need to construct a house, they cut some trees, sharing the wood with others and planting a new tree.

The last Indian’s day we helped each other to plant trees. It is important to follow the example of the Indians because doing that, you can take care of the future of your country. That trees live more than 100 years: one day you will breathe their oxygen, and your children and maybe your grandchildren will do the same

19th  of April we celebrate the Indian’s day in Brazil, and we do this to remember and celebrate them. At Salomon we made Indian hats helping each other with the „resources”. For example, sharing pencils and colorful sheets to not waste so many things.

With this activity, the kids understood the importance of the nature in our lifes and how to take care of it.


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