Alejandra González De La Peña Gil

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  • Hi, my name is Alejandra, I am a 29 years old Spanish woman. I have studied social work, human rights, and high school teaching.

    I am also a monitor of leisure and free time, and a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language. I like reading, singing, and thinking.

    Now, I am working as a volunteer in Salomon School in Zielona Gora, Poland. I am a teaching assistant in the primary, looking after the children, supporting the teachers, and teaching Spanish language.

    I like education, and I believe that another kind of world is possible. I am interested in political situation.

    This is a new blog with the activities that I am doing in the project through the Erasmus plus program.

    • My bulletin
      Please find below bulletin about my stay in Poland.   Załączniki SALOMON Alejandra • 4 MB
    • Flamenco Event
      After my training in Torun,  all of volunteers made a workshop and shared something special of our countries for the children. Lucas, from Brazil, made an indian hat: Eduardo, from Italy, made some pictures with pasta.  And I made a flamenco spanish event composed by three parts: In the first [...]
    • Day in Wroclaw
      On Monday we went to Wroclaw because another school invites us for a presentation about our project an EVS program. I am going to copy here my presentation and after this we will see some pictures of Wroclaw. European Voluntary Service in Poland Salomon School Zielona Gora Alejandra Gonzalez de la [...]
    • Training in Torun
      The first  week of June I was in Torun because a volunteer training for volunteers in Poland.  The first day, we were for a walk to see the city a little bit. Torun is very beautiful city next to the river, and there are many monuments, museums and legends. In [...]
    • My arrival to Poland
      When I arrived to Poland, I had been before in Krakow with some friends of mine travelling by train. I liked it.  But I did not choose Poland for this reason, I just wanted a project with children and that why I apply to Salomon School.  But I thing Polish [...]