3 things to know before moving to a new country and why I choose Poland

23 maja 2017

Many people are unhappy with the country where they live now, but to change is not just to buy a ticket and go away. During my time in Europe I spoke with people that lived for long time in totally different countries, and that’s what I understood about it.

There are 3 important things you have to care to live in another country: economy, weather and culture.


I’m not talking about economy in general, but is important that the country you are moving to has jobs to offer in your area. For example, the news said that Portugal and Spain are facing a crisis, but there are a lot of jobs about tourism and restaurants.


if you are not used about too high or too low temperatures, or if you are not ready to adapt to different conditions, be aware of the weather before moving somewhere. For example, nowadays Sweden and Denmark have a good economy and an high quality of life, but are you ready to not see the sun for a couple of months?


The language is an important factor to live in a different country, but is not more important than how you feel in that country. It’s important to feel comfortable with the food, with the customs and with the people. You have to understand that is not your country, and you cannot do everything you want; so, if you’re moving to a culture really different from your, remember that is not going to be so easy do adapt to the new environment. The oriental and occidental culture are so particular that you’ll probably have to learn playing ping pong or start eating sushi if you want to adapt!

In my case I chose Poland because of this 3 reasons

The economy in Poland has grown up in the last 20 years, and it’s still growing; the industrial sector is really significant and the largest and fastest-growing economic sector is services. My studies are about management, so it’s a perfect country to start my master’s degree and, at the same time, to try to find a good job.

The culture here is occidental and we (Brazilians) were colonized by Poles in the past. Because of it I could find a lot of connections with Brazil: the people love football and the food and customs are similar.

My grandfather was polish, but even I never met him because he died before I was born. I think i will feel comfortable in this country, and I say this because I feel it in my heart. I have some relatives here that are helping me to adapt, but the biggest challenge I have to face seems to be, of course, polish language!

But the language is not the only challenge: the weather is still weird for me, and I will need time to get used to it. In the south of Brazil we have not such low temperatures. In Poland one day is so hot, and another day is so cold, and in the last winter I almost got frozen here!

I hope that at the end of this volunteering I will write some posts in polish language and, hopefully, that I will not turn into an ice cream!

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