Upgrade your system

1 czerwca 2017

You’ve probably worked on an operation system in your life (Windows, Android, iOS, etc). At the beginning it was hard, because it is difficult to adapt to a system, but in a little time you get used to it. In the Windows system for example, you could use MSN Messenger, Internet Explorer and easily use other programs. But in a couple of months, a new system was in the market and you needed to upgrade and adapt with the new tools.

What is „Apps”? Where is the „MSN Messenger” icon? How can I connect to the Internet?

If you did this same questions in the past and if you hate to upgrade your Windows, we are in the same situation. I am working with Windows 8 right now and every day a notification appears telling me that I have to upgrade to Windows 10. And I say: „No! I don’t want! I am used to this system.” But unfortunately it is necessary to upgrade it. If not, the computer gets slower and sometimes you cannot install new programs and etc.

Just try now to imagine this situation: you are in your city where you’ve lived for a long time, everyone speaks your native language, you know the places and you have friends and family around you.

You just got your bachelor’s degree…

…and you get an opportunity to move to Poland.

What is „Stare Miasto”? How can I say the name of the streets? And how can I ask for some kind of food in a supermarket?

If you don’t know how to say the name of the street in that picture, and if you hate to learn another language, we are in the same situation. I am working in a Polish school right now and of course, everyday students and teachers speak polish.

I said: „Ok, maybe I could survive speaking English in Poland!”. But the first time that I came to the supermarket I spent more than 2 hours to find some products, and when I came to the hairdresser I didn’t know how to explain what I wanted.

Now, after a few months, I know where the products are in this supermarket without wasting 2 hours wandering around. I also know some words to explain myself to the hairdresser, but I still pray while she’s cutting my hair. Maybe she could understand wrong and cut my hair like this:

I was trying to speak to the people in English and it didn’t work. I learned that when you are in a country where no one speaks your language, even the simplest things are a big challenge. It is a hard decision to change something in your life but is necessary to upgrade your knowledge. If not, you may have some limits. My question is: Can you imagine working with the Windows 95 system today?