Training in Torun

14 czerwca 2017

The first  week of June I was in Torun because a volunteer training for volunteers in Poland.  The first day, we were for a walk to see the city a little bit. Torun is very beautiful city next to the river, and there are many monuments, museums and legends. In fact, the first activity was discovering a legend from a photo. We had to go around the monument, found it, and talking and asking the people about the story.  In my group we had the frog, and the legend is very similar to Hamelin flautist.  Later we share this story with the rest of the group and listen them about the other ones. For example about the  katarzina cookie’s called ‘pierniki’.  In the break, some of us were going to antropologic museum with a antique houses very interesting. On wednesday, we made a kind of Gymkana by groups, but we our phones by whatsapp. Each group had to find our first point in a photo that the monitors gave us, and after that, taking a picture all together with our color. In addition, we must change a snack with the people in the street.We visit many museums in this way, because this day was free. The last day they showed us all of the pictures from all of us in a power point.  Later, We had an reflection activity about our EVS with many different stops of different topics as well. The activity start alone, to finish sharing our feelings with the group.

We have as well another activity about talking of our conflicts, and how to solve them. That happened in a cafe outside where we had the break also.We were developing learning topic. We did at least three  or four activities about this. The first activity was having an interview  by pairs. After that we change of pair and go to the center to takes pictures to be representative about our learning . Later they tried to explain us how to write this learnings in our Youth pass at the end of the project. Another serial of activities was about our future after EVS programme and they showed us many links to get a job, travel, be a volunteer etc. And we made the break next to the park with an activity about our values. Putting in order our values and talk by pairs with a person about what is missing in our lives and what we would like to do to get it.  The last day we made some talks and activities about how to prepare a workshop and breaking ice activities. And after this we visit the museum of Pierniki and prepare our decorated cookie how you can see in the next picture:

Besides we spent some free time going for a walk in a park..

Going to the other side of the river…

Playing in a special wall..  Supposedly, this wall have to tell you if you are in your right  life way, but the point is that this wall is not right, so you probably fall when you try to keep balance.

We went to a pub very similar to friend’s serial pub ..

And the last a picture about our walk all together in the park