• Sports of the Salomon School

    Since the begin, I was responsible for helping the physical education teacher and taking care of the kids in the break time. I can see that their football skills improved with the time. There are some highlights of our future football players: Even the football, they have to know how […]

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  • Brazilian Indians

    About 500 years ago Pedro Alvares Cabral with his sailors from Portugal arrived in Brazil. There were some habitants in our rich forest: the Indians. They’re called „Indians” because when Cristovao Colombo discovered America, he tought he landed on India, so he baptized the people who lived there „Indians”. We respect […]

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  • Last day of the school year

    June 23 was the last day of the school year in Salomon School. It happened during the Friday morning, and I was not expecting so many people, but when I arrived at the school I could see that all parents were there, even it was a business day. Some of […]

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  • Christian school: Brazil x Poland

    In Brazil, I studied my all life in a private Christian school: preschool, primary school, and high school. So, it was interesting to start this project in Salomon School to compare the private primary school in Brazil and Poland. First of all, the number of the students per class. Even […]

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  • Flamenco Event

    After my training in Torun,  all of volunteers made a workshop and shared something special of our countries for the children. Lucas, from Brazil, made an indian hat: Eduardo, from Italy, made some pictures with pasta.  And I made a flamenco spanish event composed by three parts: In the first […]

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  • Day in Wroclaw

    On Monday we went to Wroclaw because another school invites us for a presentation about our project an EVS program. I am going to copy here my presentation and after this we will see some pictures of Wroclaw. European Voluntary Service in Poland Salomon School Zielona Gora Alejandra Gonzalez de la […]

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  • Training in Torun

    The first  week of June I was in Torun because a volunteer training for volunteers in Poland.  The first day, we were for a walk to see the city a little bit. Torun is very beautiful city next to the river, and there are many monuments, museums and legends. In […]

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  • Upgrade your system

    You’ve probably worked on an operation system in your life (Windows, Android, iOS, etc). At the beginning it was hard, because it is difficult to adapt to a system, but in a little time you get used to it. In the Windows system for example, you could use MSN Messenger, Internet Explorer and easily use other programs. But […]

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  • My arrival to Poland

    When I arrived to Poland, I had been before in Krakow with some friends of mine travelling by train. I liked it.  But I did not choose Poland for this reason, I just wanted a project with children and that why I apply to Salomon School.  But I thing Polish […]

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  • What am I doing in Salomon School?

    What i do at Salomon School I came here in Zielona Góra just one month and an half ago, and at the beginning I wasn’t sure about what i was supposed to do in Solomon School. In my country, Italy, I used to be an Italian, History and Geography teacher, […]

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  • 3 things to know before moving to a new country and why I choose Poland

    Many people are unhappy with the country where they live now, but to change is not just to buy a ticket and go away. During my time in Europe I spoke with people that lived for long time in totally different countries, and that’s what I understood about it.

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