Flamenco Event

20 czerwca 2017

After my training in Torun,  all of volunteers made a workshop and shared something special of our countries for the children. Lucas, from Brazil, made an indian hat: Eduardo, from Italy, made some pictures with pasta.  And I made a flamenco spanish event composed by three parts:

In the first Part, I introduce some information about April fair with invaluable translation from Gosia Olczak, and help from Gosia Grabeusz – Bandurowska. I show them some pictures of my city and this party.


The next step, again with the invaluable help from  both Gosias, we made ready a paper flower very similar to the flowers that are worn in the April Fair.

To  do this ,you need rice paper, and cutting at least four rectangles, after this you must join together and began to bend 1cm : First one side, after the other side. It must be attach with something (elastic band, rope or wire) .Next You must cut the borders like semicircle, and open like an accordion, then you separate one by one carefully. Do the same with the other part. And you will have the flower ready. 

When we finish the flower you can use in the hair or in the jacket with an hairpin. We did this. The girls put the flower in the hair and the boys in the t-shirt or blouse.  Then we went to corredor and started sevillanas lessons. At the end they could dance more or less the first one by pairs. I also sang a song . I hope the enjoyed this activity.