Christian school: Brazil x Poland

30 czerwca 2017

In Brazil, I studied my all life in a private Christian school: preschool, primary school, and high school. So, it was interesting to start this project in Salomon School to compare the private primary school in Brazil and Poland.

First of all, the number of the students per class. Even it was a private school, the number of the students in Brazil was about 20-30 per class, and in Poland is about 10-15. This is the picture of the preschool class in Brazil when we graduated.

The discipline is almost the same in Brazilian and Polish Christian schools. But is difficult to put in practice when there are a lot of students per class. In Poland, when some student is disturbing the class, the teacher count until 3, if the student doesn’t listen to it, the teacher write an advice for his parent. So, when a teacher start to count, the kid listen immediately. The discipline is a part of learning, and if you do not have the discipline in a classroom you cannot teach anyone.

Of course, they are children and you cannot be a tyranny, but you have to keep the respect. I remember when I was a kid and I started to disturb the class the teacher ordered me to sit at the end of the class looking at the wall for 15 minutes while she was teaching the others. It was important for me because I didn’t disturb again. In Poland, some student unrespected the teacher while they were playing football. So, he decided to not allow them to play football outside during the break time for an entire month. After this time, the result was that the others kids advise this student to not unrespect the teacher again. The punishment is important to keep the respect.

As I said, they are children, and they have to play games, have fun, and be creative. In Poland, after classes, there is a common room with a lot of toys and games while they are waiting for their parents. I remember when I just started at the school and I was a bit shy with the kids, and some of them took my hand and invited me to play. They are so proactive!

To be an actor is not easy, mainly when you have to act in front of many people. It is important a motivation from the teacher in this case, and I could see how engaged they were in both of the countries. There is a picture of the theater in Brazil about Noah’s Ark when I was a kid and the theater about Constitution May 3 in Salomon School.

In Brazil, we had religious moments but not as the same intensity as in Poland. They pray, play gospel songs, listen to biblical stories and listen to testimonials from others Christians every week. I could see the importance of God values is most intense here.

In Poland, the Learning method does not just write the subjects in a board and start to speak as the majority classes in Brazil. The teachers interact more often with the students, making random activities and asking questions to engage them. I was watching a History class from the coordinator teacher Mrs. Małgorza Grabeusz-Bandurowski, she gave tree cards with different colors for each student (red, yellow and green) and started to speak about the subject. If someone does not understand anything you have to set up the red card, if you have some questions you set up the yellow card and if you understand all you have to set up the green one. The subject was about Greek theater history, and after this, everybody got dressed in the typical clothes.

And in the Kid’s day, the students need to have fun with their teacher and as all events in Poland, they have to eat some food. They have to chose if they want to play games, watch movies or play some sport with him. I could see the English teacher playing online games with them, it is an example of engagement!

The number of extra activities is almost the same in both countries. In Brazil, I made an activity where the students needed to bring their pets to the school, I brought my Jabuti, a big turtle (yes, I was a weird kid), and others activities about Dinosaurs, Immigration in Brazil (I chose Italy Immigration because had no other Polish kids in that school, so sad) and etc.

In Poland they incentive the children and teachers for extra activities also. For example, as a volunteering, we needed to make an extra activity for the kids. One day I spoke about Portugal/Brazil and the importance of the Indians in our society, another day Edoardo about Italy and the history of pasta, and another day Alejandra about Spain and Flamenco. It is important to say that when we made the Volunteering day, everybody was engaged in the activity, not just the children but the others teachers also.